Kev Sanderson

Kev Sanderson

Director of Technical Operations

Kev is technical lead at TPP and is responsible for system security, scalability and performance. He completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Science before immediately joining TPP in 2003.

A key member of the technical team for nearly 20 years, Kev has managed TPP’s growth in the UK and helped to design the system to securely hold over 50 million patient records. He has extensive experience of identifying, designing and setting up private clouds for TPP’s international projects. He has personally assessed over 50 data centres across the globe to gauge the suitability in terms of security and reliability.

Recently, Kev has led the network design and implementation of internet facing SystmOne to enable clinicians to access TPP’s systems from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has also been responsible for SystmOne’s Disaster Recovery certification for over 10 years, guaranteeing access to vital EHRs whenever they are needed by clinicians.

Kev takes a keen interest in new technology, particularly regarding security, hardware and database encryption. In 2019, he spoke at the Smart China Expo on ‘Managing Data Security at Scale’ and has attended many high-profile tech events across the UK, USA and China.