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Clinical Development Kit

One of the core features of SystmOne is its flexibility and configurability. Having been developed alongside healthcare professionals for over 20 years, TPP understand the value of a system that can be adapted to suit the needs of all users, in whichever care setting they are working. SystmOne’s Clinical Development kit (CDK) is a no-code development platform that enables clinical content and pathways to be created, or amended, without the need for a request for change to TPP.

What clinical content can you produce?

Screenshot of a Visualisations screen within SystmOne
Nursing Visualisation


  • Customisable dashboards for specialities and departments
  • Display key patient information on one screen, allowing for easy data checking and data entry
  • Link to other CDK resources and system functions to easily carry out multiple actions from one screen


  • Can be updated by multiple staff members, over multiple consultations before being finalised to the record
  • Structured or free text entry, including scored assessment calculations
  • Standardise data entry into the patient EMR from a desktop, tablet or smartphone
Screenshot of a Questionnaire screen within SystmOne showing a dermatology assessment
Skin Assessment Questionnaire

Screenshot of To Do List Screen within SystmOne
Nurse To-Do List for a Ward

To Do Lists

  • Prompts for staff to complete certain workflow tasks
  • Colour coded statuses to represent workflow stage
  • Links to other CDK resources
  • Add to ward view, smartboards, observation overview & Brigid – Clinician app

Data Entry Templates

  • Display relevant data that has previously been entered
  • Standardise data entry into the patient EMR from a desktop, tablet or smartphone 
  • Quick actions to link to other CDK items and other parts of the system
Screenshot of a Data Entry Template within SystmOne related to safeguarding.
Safety Alerts and Social Context Template

Screenshot of a protocol within SystmOne
FIB4 Calculator

Decision Support

  • Automatic or manual launch within or outside of a patient’s EMR
  • Guide users down defined pathways with decision points, based on specific patient or user criteria
  • Launch any other element of the CDK

Care Pathways

  • Resource management
  • Automated care pathway scheduling
  • Capacity planning
  • Automated booking of patient milestones
Screenshot of a Care Pathways screen within SystmOne
Trauma & Orthopaedics Pathway