Communications Annexe Guide

Using the SystmOne Communications Annexe

SystmOne’s Communications Annexe provides you with a range of functionality to enhance communication with patients. It is a singular location for all contact methods, whether phone, email or our patient-facing app, Airmid.

The following short tutorials are intended to guide you through using some of the core features of the Communications Annexe, helping you make the most of the features included.

If a topic doesn’t sound useful for your service, then just skip to the next one.


Message a Patient

Easily send a single patient advice or information via their preferred contact method.

This tutorial demonstrates how to open the Communications Annexe and message a patient


Patient Replies

Message a patient requesting information or images and provide them with a simple way of doing so.

This tutorial covers setting up, receiving and saving patient replies


Bulk Messaging

Want to send out messages to specific patient groups or your own selection in a list?

This tutorial covers how to contact multiple patients at once through the Communications Annexe


Sending MED3 Fit Notes

Create a digital signature and use it to sign digital fit notes.

This tutorial covers how to set up your SystmOne account to send digital MED3 statements to patients