Event – Interoperability & Data Access

Interoperability & Data Access

At TPP, we believe that every supplier has a duty to uphold interoperability standards, connect to national infrastructure and be part of national programmes. We are committed to keeping our interoperability status public and updated for all to access on our website here. We want to ensure that interoperability brings clear, rapid benefits to staff and patients through effective technical solutions that work for everyone.

TPP is a market leader in interoperability and has hundreds of interoperability partners, including integrations with medical devices, patient apps, clinical software and national infrastructures such as the NHS SPINE. SystmOne interfaces with all major messaging profiles and is fully HL7 and FHIR message compliant. SystmOne also provides a number of in-built interoperability tools to connect all other data sources and clinical applications, such as Client APIs, Web services APIs and Server to Server APIs.

TPP SystmOne Current Interoperability Status

National Standards

For further information on how to utilise these services please contact NHS Digital through this link.

*To enable this interface at non-GP units, please do the following:

  1. Obtain an ODS code – this should be done through NHS Digital.
  2. Add the ODS Code to all staff smartcards.
  3. Request an ODS code change from the Helpdesk. Please contact them on 0113 20 500 99 or send an email to SystmOneSetup@tpp-uk.com. This process will change the organisation ID to be the ODS code.
  4. Enable the unit for GP Connect appointments – Please send an email to our Deployment Specialist team (Deployments@tpp-uk.com) requesting that GP Connect appointments is enabled and include the ODS code of the unit in the email. This step should only be done once steps 1-3 above have been completed.

    Please note: If there are any other integrations (e.g. EMIS Direct Integration) which you use in SystmOne and may rely on the organisation ID, then the third party may need to update their end to deal with the fact you now identify the organisation using the ODS code.

Additional Interfaces



IM1 Client API

Patient record read and write access


Patients can view record and manage appointments & prescriptions


Hospital messaging

HTML Full Record Access

Read only view of the patient's record using FHIR e.g. Emis, Cerner, Orion


Read only view of the patient's record

Apple Health Kit/Google Fit

Health and fitness app integration

National Services

Live Spine Services

Other National Services




NHS Pathways




NHS Login






Yellow Card

CIS (Smartcards)

PDS Birth Notification



Strategic Reporting Extract

TPP supports near real-time access to a complete, open data extract. This is known as the Strategic Reporting
Extract. This supports all secondary use, including population health, analytics, audit, service evaluation,
surveillance, machine learning, clinical trials, and research.

National Extracts

  • SRE/Open Data
  • CDS
  • MSDS
  • ECDS
  • CSDS

Integration Requests

Any third party integration requests can be submitted through our online form. Please submit one form per integration requested. If the integration is solely for the GP user base, please follow the Digital Care Services IM1 Pairing Integration Process link. If not, please follow the link below (the integration request form needs to be completed by the third party wanting to integrate with us):