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About us

TPP is a world-leading health tech company. We provide next generation, cloud-based EMR solutions to hospitals, mental health, primary care, and beyond. We deliver secure, high performance systems, with the most advanced functionality in the world. We provide EMR platforms at national-scales, even in low infrastructure regions.

Over 8,000 organisations and 265,000 staff worldwide trust our solutions every single day. Our ethos is to help governments and health providers deliver care more efficiently, enhance safety, improve outcomes, reduce inequalities and provide the best experience for clinicians and patients.

From smartphone apps to cutting-edge AI, we put the very best technology in hands of the people who care for us all.

Our Story

TPP was founded in 1997 by Frank Hester OBE, in an effort to improve efficiency and standards in the UK healthcare system. Frank had worked in the financial sector as a software architect for several years before starting the company. The principle remains central to TPP’s mission: to make life easier for the people that care for us when we need them. Our pioneering SystmOne programme initially linked one GP practice in Bradford to a local hospital, increasing integrated care between organisations and making life easier for patients and clinicians alike.

Since then, the company has grown and SystmOne is now used extensively across globally. TPP SystmOne is a comprehensive clinical system, with modules deployed in over 25 different care settings. Each module includes advanced key functional components, alongside specialised features and capabilities for each setting We provide world-class, complete solutions for managing entire hospitals and other care facilities.

How We Work

We meet with and talk to our customers directly, with no middle man in the way, to ensure that we are continuously delivering solutions to the problems they’re actually facing. We remain fast and agile by minimising bureaucracy and management hierarchy and fostering a culture of identifying problems and creating solutions. Our developers understand the importance of technology to the healthcare industry and are on hand day and night to resolve any problems that come up. We don’t have shareholders, so we’re not controlled by profit, which means we can go the extra mile to make sure that what we’re doing is right for our customers. Our philosophy has given TPP many world-firsts, from inventing the technology underpinning shared care, to data-driven AI for early cancer diagnosis.

At TPP, we employ the brightest and best people. Our coders and analysts are hired from the world’s best universities, with degrees in mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science. All of our staff have that rare quality of dedication and passion for the company’s mission.

TPP supports healthcare services across the globe. Our achievements include:

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Securely stored on our databases

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Across clinical and administrative staff

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Have Access

To their full medical record

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