TPP Announcement!


Today, we are excited to announce the launch of SystmConnect, TPP’s innovative Online Consultation and Triage Platform, a cutting-edge solution designed to transform the way patients and healthcare professionals interact and collaborate.

The platform seamlessly enables triage assessments, ensuring that each patient’s needs are accurately evaluated, and requests are efficiently routed to the appropriate healthcare teams. This not only simplifies and accelerates the healthcare process but also enhances the overall patient experience. With this advanced solution, patients can easily and conveniently submit a wide range of requests to their GPs online, including admin and clinical queries.

With a comprehensive array of features, seamless integration with SystmOne GP, and unmatched ease of use, this platform promises to revolutionise the healthcare experience for all involved.

Improving access and providing a new digital front door will enable GPs to meet and exceed the demands of the Delivery Plan for Recovering Access to Primary Care (PCARP) which sets out how the NHS will make it easier for patients to get the help they need. PCARP aims to make the way patients contact their surgery easier and more equitable, whilst ensuring primary care staff are able to provide rapid assessment and response that prioritises patients by clinical need.

The SystmConnect solution is available to SystmOne users and will deliver:

Seamless Integration with SystmOne GP: Our Online Consultations functionality acts as a natural extension of the GP record. It offers a complete integration between the data patients enter and their existing record.

Web-Based Accessibility: TPP’s solution is fully web-based, eliminating the need for additional apps or prior login details. Patients can easily access the service, making it a hassle-free and convenient option for healthcare interaction.

SystmOne Reporting Suite: Leverage the benefits of the powerful SystmOne reporting suite, enabling healthcare professionals to analyse and interpret the data received during online consultations alongside that in the GP record. It will meet the OCVC national dataset requirements.

Full Functionality Out-of-the-Box: The Online Consultations functionality comes equipped with a wide range of functions, including Med3 requests, consultations, medication requests, admin queries, health reviews, and registration requests.

Customisable Patient Interface: Customise the patient interface using familiar SystmOne tools, tailoring data capture to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Comprehensive Workflow Tools: Manage incoming patient requests efficiently with our comprehensive workflow tools, for effective prioritising and routing of requests.

Clinician to Citizen Messaging: Foster direct communication between clinicians and patients with integrated messaging tools. This feature promotes a more collaborative and personalized approach to healthcare.

Proxy and Healthcare Professional Access: In addition to patients, proxies and other healthcare professionals can submit requests on behalf of patients and receive communications back from the GP practice.

Automatic Data Integration and Coding: Data from online consultations is automatically saved into the existing patient record, including automatic Snomed coding of recorded data.

Record Visibility: Easily monitor and evaluate all online consultation activities for a single patient within the GP record, and as a whole across the organisation using SystmOne Dashboards and Clinical Reporting.

NHS Login Integration: Seamlessly integrated with NHS login, so that Online Consultations can be automatically matched patient records.

Dr John Parry, Clinical Director, TPP, said: “SystmConnect provides healthcare professionals and patients with an unparalleled level of connectivity, accessibility, and integration with the SystmOne GP record. We continue to make strides in improving healthcare access and outcomes by offering this new functionality that will transform the healthcare landscape, with benefits that extend beyond traditional healthcare models.”

TPP will be hosting a series of webinars to showcase how patients can use SystmConnect, as well as how these requests seamlessly integrate with SystmOne GP.

To join, please register using the links below:

Wednesday 22nd November, 12:30-13:30 – Register here
Wednesday 13th December, 12:30-13:30 – Register here
Wednesday 24th January, 12:30-13:30 – Register here