SystmOne GP: Admin Support

SystmOne GP: Admin Support

SystmOne Core provides a comprehensive degree of Admin Support to General Practices. The evacuation list function allows users to quickly print a list of all staff and patients currently in the premises to use as a register in an evacuation scenario.

Through its navigation configuration, SystmOne Core allows organisations to configure navigation displays such as toolbars, patient record section layouts or menus, before assigning them to all users at the organisations. They can also be assigned to individual users, or users with a specific role through the system admin.

In an emergency situation where immediate assistance is required, SystmOne Core allows users to use a panic button which quickly alerts other staff members.

Users are able to send instant messages to colleagues who are logged on at the same organisation. Messages are immediately displayed; users are not required to perform any action to view the message. System administrators are able to view as audit trail of messages.

SystmOne Core facilitates a joined-up healthcare system through its notices and status alerts functionality. These features make it easier to share documents and information to all staff, as well as enabling users to configure their own alerts to indicate when a particular patient meets the search criteria they have previously specified.

Satisfies NHS capabilities:

o Evacuation List
o Navigation Configuration
o Panic Buttons
o Patient Information Management
o Instant Messaging
o Notices and Status Alerts