SystmOne GP: Appointments

SystmOne GP: Appointments

SystmOne’s Core offering allows practices to manage appointments in an efficient manner. The system can be connected to several third-party call boards, and when an appointment is called, the patient’s name will be displayed on the board. Users may also allocate anonymous ticket numbers to patients and display these instead.

This module also includes functionality for patient check-in, allowing arriving patients to identify themselves and show that they have arrived for their appointment. This removes the requirement for interaction between the patient and receptionist on arrival.

SystmOne’s Monthly Planner allows users to find, view, and schedule face-to-face contacts with patients in bulk, dependent on caseload and pre-defined contact frequency. It also allows for due and overdue care plan reviews to be viewed and scheduled.

Satisfies NHS capabilities:

o Call Boards
o Check-In Screen
o Flu Clinic
o Monthly Planner