SystmOne GP: Consultations

SystmOne GP: Consultations

SystmOne’s Core offering covers all of the NHS capabilities for consultations, supporting the standardised recording of all consultations and other General Practice activities. It allows practitioners to view reports of consultations, as well as manage and share consultation form templates.

The system also allows clinicians to create, view, amend and close Shared Care Plans, resulting in a patient-centred, collaborative approach to care. This single, shared plan for patients removes the issue of separate and disconnected plans held within multiple health and care organisations.

SystmOne Core also supports Medical Drawings functionality, allowing clinicians to add detailed visual information about patient conditions as part of consultations and from within templates.

Referral management is also supported, meaning that SystmOne Core allows clinicians to record, review, send and report Patient Referrals. This referral information can then be included in the Patient Record.

Satisfies NHS capabilities:

o Recording
o Shared Care Plans
o Goals
o Medical Drawings
o Protocols
o Referral Management