SystmOne GP: Reporting

SystmOne GP: Reporting

SystmOne’s Core offering has Reporting capability, enabling both reporting and analysis of data from other capabilities in the Practice Solution to support clinical care and practice management.

Also included is a Data Analytics Capability, which supports analysis of data from different systems or sources, This data can be used by practices or federations to maximise the use of resources, assess future resource needs, plan and manage patient care, while also tracking performance.

SystmOne Core includes a Bulk Operations and List Actions feature, which allow users to perform actions to patient records in bulk. Examples of this include sending SMS, adding read codes or recalls, as well as completing data entry templates and adding reminders.

Through the programme, mandatory fields are seamlessly linked to clinical reporting, meaning that users can configure data entry fields on templates to be mandatory or recommended based on whether the patient is found in any clinical report.

The system also allows the display of progress and projections on all data related to QOF registers and indicators, assisting practices in managing patients in relation to QOF requirements, and helping them to meet QOF targets.

Satisfies NHS capabilities:

o Data Analytics
o Bulk Operations and List Actions
o Mandatory Fields Linked to Clinical Reports
o QOF Indicators