GP IT Futures

SystmOne GP

SystmOne GP has been developed with continuous clinical input over the course of two decades to enable practices to digitise healthcare and work innovatively and cost effectively. Providing full access to the Electronic Health Record and a suite of advanced features, the module helps to increase the efficiency and workflow of practices and enables better clinical decision support to facilitate high standards of care provision. The module eases the management of appointments and prescribing and remains flexible to suit the local requirements of different practices.

Under the GP IT Futures programme, SystmOne GP is now available as two solutions: SystmOne Core and the SystmOne enhanced addon. For more information, see below.

Features included in SystmOne GP

EHR Access
Appointment Management
Online Consultations
Admin Support
Online Prescribing
Social Prescribing
Workload & Staff Management
Reception Toolkit
Document Management & Scanning
Clinical Decision Support
Workflow & Tasks
Cross-Organisation Management


GP IT Futures is NHS Digital’s new GP contract which allows for GP practices to choose a number of different systems that integrate to provide the functionality required to run their practice. In order for customers to make informed choices regarding IT systems, NHS Digital have outlined core and additional capabilities which software must meet. Due to these changes, as well as alterations regarding central funding, TPP has adapted the way we offer SystmOne products to GPs. SystmOne GP functionality is now split into two main solutions: SystmOne Core and the SystmOne Enhanced addon. Organisations which have previously installed SystmOne have had both Core and Enhanced functionality. Under the new framework, organisations are advised to purchase both Core and Enhanced solutions for a full range of services. See below for details of SystmOne Core and SystmOne Enhanced.

Digital First

TPP’s Digital First approach has enabled patients to:

  • Access intelligent symptom-checking
  • Get automatic triage advice
  • Communicate electronically with care teams
  • Engage with their own healthcare management
  • Get help and advice
  • Access expert medical knowledge via in-built content in an app

Digital First Healthcare


Airmid is TPP’s patient-facing app, and is the key to a digital-first future for healthcare. It aims to give patients control of their healthcare, providing every user with an intelligent healthcare solution, and linking them directly to their GP. Its advantages include:

  • Direct integration with GP systems
  • Interactive personal health record with proxy access
  • Targeted expert advice at a patient’s fingertips
  • Community engagement through in-built forums
  • Video consultation for direct engagement with clinicians
  • Integration with wearable health monitoring devices

For more information on our Airmid App, click here.

What can Airmid do for patients?

Clinical Development Kit (CDK)

One of the core features of SystmOne is its flexibility and configurability. Having worked alongside healthcare professionals for over 20 years, TPP understand the value of a system that can be adapted to suit the needs of all users, in whichever care setting they are working. SystmOne’s Clinical Development kit (CDK) is a no-code development platform that enables clinical content and pathways to be created, or amended, without the need for a request for change to TPP.

Use the CDK to…

  • Build and amend standardised data entry screens
  • Create decision support tools and guided care pathways
  • Configure templates for letters with merge fields
  • Set up patient level alerts
  • Construct scored assessments
  • Customise views of data items

The CDK allows all of these items to be created centrally and disseminated across the practice or PCN. Clinicians feel supported by knowing they are following agreed local standards whilst also being able to create tools and screens that support their own clinical interests.

For more information, please visit our Clinical Development Kit page.

CDK allows clinicians to:

Clinical Development Kit Process 1) Build Clinical Content 2) Amend 3) Share in the Resource Library

As well as…