Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust goes live with Brigid, TPP’s new clinician app

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust goes live with Brigid, TPP’s new clinician app

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) has recently gone live with Brigid, TPP’s new clinician app. The app has been rolled out across a handful of CNWL’s mental health wards, and staff have already seen considerable benefits to the delivery of care.

Brigid is the mobile counterpart to SystmOne, designed to put key information and solutions directly into the hands of clinicians. Developed with the input of SystmOne users, Brigid provides a wide variety of tools to support staff and the needs of their patients.

The app provides complete patient record access, a full suite of observations functionality, customisable patient lists and more. Brigid uses SystmOne logon, can be accessed over Wifi and cellular networks, and supports offline working.

As part of SystmOne, information input into the app is added directly to a patient’s EHR, making this essential data easily accessible to other healthcare staff throughout a patient’s care journey.

Brigid also aligns with functionality within TPP’s patient app, Airmid, to improve communication and encourage patients to manage elements of their own care.

CNWL went live with Brigid in September on a mental health inpatient ward. It was initially planned as a three-week pilot, during which time they would perform two observation rounds per day. One round would be done on paper and the other on Brigid each day to compare the two methods.

Within two days however, clinicians on the ward were solely using Brigid. Their ward round time had already reduced from 4 hours to 45 minutes, translating to a saving of around 6 hours of clinical time per day.

Brigid has proven to make daily tasks quick and simple for staff. “We would normally write the data onto a paper NEWS2 chart” says Pierce Devine, Mental Health Support Worker at CNWL, “but now being able to input data into an iPad for it to be automatically uploaded to the patient record is so much more efficient.” He also adds that Brigid ensures patient safety by automatically flagging up which patients need to be seen or escalated.

Describing the app as user-friendly and easy to follow, staff at CNWL noted how Brigid has already cut out several steps of their daily rounds and presented an estimated saving of around £3.6k per week for the service.

Ben Lawman, Design and Analysis Lead at TPP, said “We are pleased that Brigid is already supporting staff by making their day-to-day tasks easier. The app makes it simple to track a patient’s health and care and removes many of the paper-based steps that are often time consuming for clinicians. TPP is proud to make these real differences to the experience of staff and patients and will continue to develop innovative solutions to support their needs.”

If you’re interested in using Brigid in your service , please contact brigid@tpp-uk.com