Social Care

Social Care

SystmOne Social Care enables services to share vital information about a patient with other clinicians involved in their care. The module is designed to save time and enhance the delivery of care using functionality that enables the easy recording of assessments and comprehensive safeguarding provision. In response to the increasing emphasis on integrated and patient-centred care, SystmOne Social Care provides the missing piece of the puzzle.


  • Configure the workflow throughout the system to replicate exactly how the service already works – ensuring business continuity for staff
  • See a full audit trail of care provided
  • Highlight important tasks or when new actions are due using the colour co-ordinated traffic light system

Shared Care

  • Share information securely with SystmOne GP, Community, and Hospital modules with the patient’s consent
  • Avoid duplicate information and referrals, saving time
  • Reduce wasted visits
  • All data captured once and stored electronically, avoiding repetition for the patient


  • Record assessments for patients and carers, including questionnaires and outcomes
  • Report on assessment outcomes, ensuring targets and statutory returns are completed accurately
  • Save time by adding Read codes to the client’s record via questionnaires
  • Manage review dates to monitor patient progress
  • Filter and sort caseloads by review date to easily ensure patients are reviewed as requested


  • Other services can be added to a clients record based on recorded needs
  • Individual services can be configured within the system
  • Can support the management of budget and payments via SystmOne’s integration with ContrOCC

Contact Management

  • Contacts can be recorded within SystmOne with or without a referral
  • Adding a referral allows other items to be added, such as assessments or allocating them to a caseload
  • Fields allow for quick and easy data capture
  • Other SystmOne services can refer directly into the Social Care module, allowing seamless flow of information between services
  • SystmOne Contact List displays all open contacts at the service


  • Contacts can be made via the Safeguarding website if users are concerned about the safety of a client
  • Contact then created directly into Social Care module to be assessed by a member of staff
  • Ability for users to calculate and record an individuals risk from within SystmOne


  • Our client-facing app which can support the enablement of self-management
  • Can be used by clients to book appointments, view their own record and complete any assessments a service may have sent to them
  • Results of assessments can be viewed within the record and reported on
  • Proxy access can be given to a family member or carer if required
  • Visit our Airmid page to find out more