SystmOne is a pioneering clinical system which supports TPP’s vision of a ‘one patient, one record’ model of healthcare. Using SystmOne, clinicians can access a single source of information detailing a patient’s contact with health services across their lifetime.

TPP believes this record should be accessible regardless of care setting and available for any healthcare professional to enter necessary information. It should document every allergy, appointment, medication, and contact the patient has ever had.

TPP’s experience deploying SystmOne in over 25 different care settings means that every module features both key SystmOne components and specialised capabilities designed to assist healthcare professionals in their specific area of work.


A single shared Electronic Health Record (EHR)

SystmOne provides a single Electronic Health Record for every patient. This shared record is available across all healthcare settings to any staff who need it during a patient’s care.

The complete and centralised EHR improves patient care by bridging the gaps between services. Clinicians are able to make well-informed decisions, while administrative efficiency is increased through decreased paperwork and the elimination of duplicate data entry.

All SystmOne solutions have the patient’s EHR at their centre, ensuring that care and documentation remains consistent across services. Our dedication to interoperability promotes further consistency through extensive EHR access via SystmOne and our integration partners, with no reduction in functionality. Read more about the EHR here.

SystmOne across healthcare contexts:

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