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Airmid: The patient app powered by SystmOne

Airmid is TPP’s innovative patient-facing app, designed to support patients and clinicians alike by allowing individuals to engage with their care network and take control of their healthcare. From appointment booking to video consultations and wearable integrations, Airmid is the answer to digital first healthcare for all.

The following information is aimed at clinicians. If you are a patient using Airmid, please visit

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Simple, yet secure login

Patients can login using their SystmOnline Username and Password if they have them. Otherwise, Airmid allows patients to login using NHS Login. An NHS Login can be created directly via Airmid.

Following initial setup, patients can choose to authenticate their login with biometrics such as Face ID or Touch ID to ensure quick access.

Record Access

Provide your patients with access to their complete medical record and allow them to contribute to it.

Consultation notes
Medication History
Vaccination History
Allergy/Drug Sensitivities
Procedure History
Correspondence e.g. Referral/Discharge letters
Pathology/Radiology Reports
Health data from their personal device
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Medication Management

Allow your patients to manage their medication better

Online Appointments

Allow your patients to book appointments

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  • Choose which of your appointments are available for online booking
  • Choose how far in advance your appointments are available for online booking
  • Limit how many appointments a patient can book into

For the patient

  • Patients can view all of their upcoming appointments
  • Patients can add appointment reminders to their calendar, so reducing the chance of DNAs

Video consultations

  • Airmid has video consultations built-in, so the patient can be consulted straight from the app
  • As a clinician you can choose to join the video consultation from your smartphone or desktop
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Direct Messaging

Allow your patients to send messages directly to your organisation

A text conversation between doctor and patient about a rash, including a photo being sent and video appointment being booked
  • Allow patients to send direct messages to specified clinicians or teams
  • Easily redirect queries to more appropriate teams as the conversation dictates
  • Allow patients to upload images as part of the conversation
  • All conversations and images are saved securely against the SystmOne patient record
  • Clinicians can start video consultations directly from the conversation

Chart numeric data

Allow patients to better understand their healthcare data

Animated chart showing a white blood count over time

Airmid automatically charts numeric readings, whether the source be:

  • Apple Health
  • Google Fit
  • Pathology Reports
  • Data entered during consultation
  • Data entered by the patient

Embedded links to Lab Tests Online help your patients to make sense of their pathology results

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and much, much more…

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