The SystmOne clinician app

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Built for mobile

Brigid is the new app for clinicans using SystmOne.

Patient Overview

Easily access key patient information, such as demographics and clinical alerts.

Observations and Forms

Effortlessly schedule, record, view and escalate patient observations.

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Complete Record Access

View a patient’s full record, adding notes that are immediately visible in both Brigid and SystmOne. Including:

Consultation notes
Medication History
Vaccination History
Allergy/Drug Sensitivities
Procedure History
Correspondence e.g. Referral/Discharge letters
Pathology/Radiology Reports


Instant bi-directional communication between clinical teams.

Brigid also supports…

Templates and Questionnaires

View and complete your SystmOne Templates and Questionnaires.

Patient Messaging

Send a message to a patient using Airmid, TPP’s patient-facing app.

Appointment Calendar

Access your Appointment and Visits calendar.

Remote Working

Works offline and when connected to celluar/WiFi networks.

Stay linked to SystmOne

Once data is added to Brigid, it is automatically available in SystmOne and vice-versa. Even if your device loses connection to the internet, Brigid will instantly send and receive updates once a connection is re-established.


How much does Brigid cost?

Brigid is free of charge for the majority of SystmOne organisations. This includes SystmOne GP sites with Mobile Working.

Which SystmOne modules are compatible with Brigid?

Brigid is compatible with all SystmOne modules, with bespoke functionality dependent on care setting.

How do I get started with Brigid?

If you are using SystmOne Hospital, Community Hospital, Mental Health, Emergency Department or MIU/UTC, then you can enable Brigid now. You can do this via Organisation Preferences>Brigid> Enable Brigid.

Is there a training/demo version available?

All SystmOne Demo units can be enabled for Brigid. If you would like Brigid enabled at your Demo unit you can do this via Organisation Preferences>Brigid> Enable Brigid. The associated ‘Brigid Training’ app needs to be downloaded from the relevant app stores.

How do we publish content to Brigid?

Questionnaires and Templates can be made available in the Brigid app via a tick-box on the respective maintenance screens within SystmOne. Scoring Groups are automatically published.

Is there any supporting guidance material?

All guidance is published within the Support & FAQs section of SystmOne.

How is Brigid different to TPP’s e-Obs app?

Brigid represents an evolution of TPP’s e-Obs application with a greater depth of functionality available. e-Obs will be phased out as a legacy product during 2022.

Which devices can Brigid be used on?

Please refer to the TPP Warranted Environment Specification, which is available in Support & FAQs within SystmOne. Device requirements are specified in the ‘Mobile Devices’ section.