Mental Health

Mental Health

SystmOne Mental Health provides all the necessary tools to run an efficient, safe and secure user-centred mental health service. It populates the EHR with vital mental health data that can be shared between healthcare settings, breaking down boundaries between physical and mental health services. The module can be deployed to fit a specific service’s needs, including CAMHS, adult care, or more specialist mental health and learning disability services.

Mental Health Capabilities

Integrated Care

  • Mental health and learning disabilities data available across all services, shared securely, in real-time, respecting patient preferences
  • Tasking across services for efficient, secure communication between staff
  • Safeguarding alerts across all services to provide alerts for protection plan and reduce risks to practitioners
  • Shared care records with community, district nursing, and GP services, for improved integrated working, and holistic mental and physical health care
  • Interoperable solutions with other system suppliers, using national standards-based approaches

User Input

  • Customise key mental health data to be displayed on a single screen
  • Create a new cluster through an inbuilt algorithm
  • Enter a free text narrative of any patient interaction through Progress Notes
  • Allocate referrals to teams or individual staff members to clearly identify who is dealing with a patient

Intelligence and Analytics

  • Powerful in-built analytics suite for core and custom reporting
  • Ongoing monitoring and service evaluation
  • Report on treatment effectiveness and outcome measures
  • Extracts for all mandatory national submissions, including the Mental Health Service Data Set (MHSDS)
  • Full audit trails of all record use and staff activity
  • Complete, specified, open data extract for trust data warehousing

Mental Health Act (MHA)

  • Record all information relating to the MHA on a dedicated, easy to use screen
  • View all essential information relating to section applications and treatment consent
  • Record, renew, and regrade sections, or transfer them out to other organisations
  • Add appeal events to an appeal timeline, including dates that reports were requested and received

Care Plans

  • Create personalised plans for service user’s physical and mental health
  • Link Care Plans with Progress Notes and identified patient risks
  • Create templates that can be easily amended and shared with all clinicians in your organisation
  • Clear, accurate records of a user’s care and treatment
  • Sophisticated patient administration functionality allowing staff to focus on providing the care patients need


  • Identify highest patient risks, allowing quick and efficient risk management
  • Perform risk assessments and run reports on high risk patients to maintain CQC targets
  • Ensure that the most at-risk patients are monitored safely and effectively


  • Create and configure data entry templates to capture mandatory assessments
  • Calculate scored assessments using built-in algorithms such as the HoNOS in order to identify the most appropriate treatment
  • Easily see all assessments and reviews that have been carried out in chronological order, with the ability to merge these into letter templates


  • Monitor inpatients with a dedicated view of all beds
  • Configure and view patient alerts, including AWOL and violent patients
  • View to-do lists for each patient on a single screen
  • Use quick actions to add information to the patient record from one simple overview screen, saving time

Clinical Development Kit

  • In-built no-code development platform
  • Self-sufficient creation and management of clinical content by the Trust
  • Customise content to local service needs
  • Includes data entry, decision support, patient-level alerts, scored assessments, and analytical reports
  • Share and control across services for improved standardisation and consistency of records and reports

Electronic Prescribing

  • Reduce prescribing errors and eliminate transcription
  • Accurately prescribe medication, including complex regimes
  • Single integrated medication record with primary and community care
  • Prepare regimes, order sets, and outpatient medication
  • Complete prescribing decision support
  • Integrated stock control
  • Inbuilt drug administration
  • Complete prescribing activity audit


  • Record vital signs electronically from the bedside
  • Use standard and customised forms, calculations, and algorithms
  • Chart observation scores over time
  • Vital signs shared with all staff involved in care, across and between services
  • Automatic observations scheduling
  • Escalation of care functionality

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