Data and Research

Data and Research

We support cutting-edge healthcare research by providing access to data held on SystmOne. Holding over 50 million patient records, SystmOne contains rich and vital information that is invaluable in supporting big data analysis. Data is used with consent and is anonymised prior to use.


OpenSAFELY is a collaboration between TPP, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and Oxford University DataLab. The initial aim of the project was to design a way to analyse pseudonimised patient data without moving it from TPP’s servers, allowing researchers to identify risk factors which contribute to Covid deaths. Research using this method is ongoing, with a particular focus on Covid during the pandemic.

Read more about OpenSafely here.


Our research arm, ResearchOne, is a not-for-profit joint partnership between TPP and the University of Leeds, which uses de-identified patient data to improve healthcare. The ResearchOne database provides consensual access to data for use in large scale health and social care projects.

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Born in Bradford

Born in Bradford Logo

SystmOne’s database of EHRs has enabled Born in Bradford, an initiative which aims to track health outcomes of individuals in the area. The scheme identifies risk factors of poor health outcomes, aiming to improve population wellbeing.

Read more about Born in Bradford here.

TPP’s Data and Research offering is complemented by access to a Clinical Development Kit (CDK), a no-code development platform which allows organisations to create and amend clinical content independently. For more information on the CDK, click here.

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