Communications Annexe Functionality

Communications Annexe Functionality

TPP has developed new functionality within SystmOne to enhance communication between clinicians and patients. The solution comprises four different elements; the Communications Annexe, Bulk Messaging capability, Patient Replies, and Electronic MED3.

Communications Annexe

Though SMS and Email messaging have been integrated into SystmOne for a number of years, TPP has developed a solution to further improve the level of communication between users and their patients. The Communications Annexe enables clinicians to access a variety of different communication methods for each patient, displaying whether they are set up to receive SMS, Email, or notifications from our patient app, Airmid.

Once the preferred contact method has been selected, users can apply a pre-configured message template or type their own message. The template can also include merge fields which input patient and staff details directly into the message.

Bulk Messaging

Users can also employ the Communications Annexe to contact multiple patients at once. After selecting their chosen list of patients, users can launch the Annexe and either select a pre-configured template or type a bespoke message, as they would with individual messaging.

This list option has an additional feature, allowing you to communicate via each patient’s preferred contact method, with a backup method available for those patients without a set preference. This functionality speeds up and eases the process of communication.

Patient Replies

When sending out a message via the Communications Annexe, new functionality will give users the option to allow patient replies. Patients will be sent a link to a website displaying the clinician’s message, from which they will be able to type a reply and include an attachment if appropriate. This reply then arrives directly into the clinician’s task list, allowing them to action the task and prompting them to save the attachments to the patients record.

Patient Replies allows for a more communicative and comprehensive relationship between patients and clinicians. This functionality also saves time by reducing long face-to-face consultations down to just a few minutes of digital communication.

Sending MED3 Statements Electronically

The MED3 functionality will also allow users to set up a signature against their staff profile, allowing them to sign and authenticate MED3 documents electronically, and then send them to patients via the Communications Annexe. The patient will receive a link via their chosen contact method, allowing them to access the signed MED3 statements.

The Communications Annexe and Bulk Messaging functionality are already available across SystmOne. Patient Replies and MED3 statements are currently in the pilot phase and will be made accessible to all users in the coming weeks.