Surrey and Borders Partnership and Leicestershire NHS Trusts Go Live with SystmOne eObs

Surrey and Borders Partnership and Leicestershire NHS Trusts Go Live with SystmOne eObs

During hospital stays, all patients are regularly monitored by staff to keep track of vital signs, such as temperature and heart rate. Traditionally, observation scores are calculated manually and stored as physical copies, making them vulnerable to human error and difficult to access. However, NHS Trusts covering Surrey, North East Hampshire, and Leicestershire have recently adopted TPP’s eObs platform making patient observations quicker, easier, and more accurate.

Using the SystmOne eObs app on an iOS or Android device, hospital staff can create and access template observation forms (such as the NEWS2 checklist) and record each patient’s vital signs electronically. SystmOne eObs then automatically calculates and charts the patient’s observation score, creating a clear and precise view of their progression over time. Of course, as eObs is part of SystmOne, patients’ observation histories are stored centrally in their Electronic Health Records, making them easily accessible to other healthcare staff, not only in the same hospital, but across the NHS.

Importantly, the eObs app makes routine checks quick and simple for hospital staff, reducing their workload and freeing up their time. As soon as a patient is admitted to hospital they are automatically scheduled for a routine observation via the app, which indicates when all patients on a given ward are due for their next checks. This removes the need for manual scheduling and tracking of observations, which can be time consuming.

Joyce Simms, Physical Health Lead at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which provides services for people with mental ill-health or a learning disability, said, “eObs has made recording easier via the iTouch platform. It helps increase accuracy of total score recording, reduces transcribing errors, assists tracking of vital signs over time, and provides alerts and signposting for staff when there are clinical concerns. This enables us to spot acute deterioration at the earliest possible stage so we can take timely action to ensure the people who use our services receive the right care in the right clinical environment.”

Rosa Murray, TPP Account Manager for Surrey and Borders, added, “We are extremely pleased that SystmOne eObs is making a real difference to clinicians and patients. The app makes it easier and more efficient to track changes in patient health over time, and to flag any concerns. As always, TPP is proud to support NHS staff by making their workflow easier, giving them more time for patient care.”