Shared Care through SystmOne at Shipdham Manor Residential Home

Shared Care through SystmOne at Shipdham Manor Residential Home

NHS Norfolk & Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) serves a population of 1.1 million people across the East of England. As part of their work to improve shared care in the area, they recently implemented SystmOne in Shipdham Manor Residential Home, connecting it to other care providers, most significantly, the local GP surgery.

Prior to using SystmOne, staff at Shipdham Manor Residential Home frequently struggled to access residents’ health information in a timely manner. It was often difficult to obtain a full medical history for individuals new to the Home, particularly when coming from another care setting or if the individual had few family members. For information about residents’ ongoing care, staff had to call Shipdham Surgery, using up large amounts of time for staff at the surgery and Shipdham Manor.

Implementing SystmOne at Shipdham Manor Residential Home has saved time and improved accuracy for staff when obtaining patient information. Prior to a new resident’s arrival, staff can search for their health record on SystmOne to get a picture of their medical history, supporting better-informed care from the day they arrive.

Viewing a patient’s electronic health record in SystmOne has led to calls from staff at Shipdham Manor Residential Home to the Surgery dropping by 90%. Dr Scott Turner, Lead GP at Shipdham Surgery, says that SystmOne “saves time for us all. No waiting in telephony queues or to find the right person. Most queries can be done when the doctor has time to answer them”.

Using SystmOne in the Residential Home has led to improvements in shared care with other services. By looking at the journal in SystmOne, staff can identify tasks that have been actioned or ones that need to be chased up as well as accessing key information such as when medication was last ordered. Staff can ensure they provide consistent care to residents by accessing and adding to the timeline of an individual’s ongoing care and care plans, accessible to all organisations caring for the resident. The ease of access to this information has also meant that communication with residents and their families about their care has become more regular and accurate.

“I love it,” says Kay Emsley, Manager of Shipdham Manor Residential Home. “It has helped to continue to deliver effective and responsive care to our residents. It is the way forward for working in partnership and providing better patient care”.

After the success of linking Shipdham’s GP and Residential Home through SystmOne, Norfolk and Waveney CCG are keen to bring more Homes onto the system. There are currently three go lives planned for the Autumn and many more practices interested. For others considering implementing SystmOne to better coordinate joint care, Dr Turner says “if you are all keen to make it work, it will happen.” A clear process for going live with SystmOne and collaboration is key for making these shared care projects work.

TPP is always pleased to see SystmOne being utilised to connect care on both a local and national level. If your trust is interested in deploying SystmOne Care Home, read this guide to learn how to do so.