SystmOne is first to meet the new NHS Digital standard for patient identification

SystmOne is first to meet the new NHS Digital standard for patient identification

TPP is excited to announce that SystmOne officially complies with DCB1077 – the NHS Digital standard for patient identification via barcode scanning– which was developed with GS1 UK. As the first health software supplier to receive this accreditation, TPP is pleased to continue to demonstrate its support of safer and more efficient healthcare delivery.

In 2019, NHS Digital entered a five-year partnership with GS1 UK, cementing the use of GS1 Keys for unique identification as the gold standard for accurate identification across all NHS trusts. GS1 assigns unique numbers, encoded in barcodes, which are then used to identify every person (patients and staff), product and place across the NHS.

This creates a precise and standardised picture of all activity whilst safeguarding patient information to enable full visibility and traceability, in turn, this creates a new culture of quick and reliable identification.

Patient identification is at the very heart of healthcare, ensuring that the right patient receives the right care at the right time. NHS Digital now requires systems to meet these standards, which apply GS1-compliant barcodes to patient identity wristbands which upon scanning, facilitates quick access to a patient’s shared record. These open standards offer a greater level of consistency in how patients are monitored, lessening the administrative burden on clinicians and allowing them to focus on providing the best possible care.

GS1 UK has recognised SystmOne as the first point of care systems to officially comply with the new standard for patient identification. SystmOne can produce and recognise the DCB1077 standard to identify patients and pull essential information from their record, supporting clinicians in confirming what specific care each patient needs and when.

Ben Lawman, Hospital Product Lead, said, “I am delighted that we have been able to demonstrate SystmOne’s compliance with this standard so quickly by working with GS1 UK. Facilitating accurate patient identification within a hospital setting will help to improve efficiency and reduce errors in what can be an extremely busy environment.”

Robert Flack, Head of Partnerships at GS1 UK, stated, “We are pleased to be working with TPP on this. Being able to meet the requirements of DCB1077 demonstrates a real commitment and understanding of the importance of accurate, positive, patient identification to create a safer healthcare system.”

TPP is dedicated to helping clinicians to deliver care in the safest and most effective manner. We look forward to further incorporating GS1 standards across our products and adopting the latest national standards; enabling greater interoperability and ensuring the best possible patient care.