TPP and CMM go live with new EPMA interoperability standard

TPP are delighted to announce the rollout of messaging between SystmOne’s EPMA solution and the CareFlow Medicines Management (CMM) system (formerly WellSky, JAC). This development allows clinicians to electronically order medication on SystmOne which will be instantly available in CareFlow Pharmacy.

The electronic transfer of orders between the systems ensures that ‘Closed-loop- medicines supply’ can be realised. This eliminates the need for the transcription of medication, greatly improving the speed at which medication information is transmitted across hospitals, whilst eliminating the likelihood of error, improving safety.

Dr. John Parry, Clinical Director at TPP:
“The development of this standard encapsulates TPP’s commitment to providing safe and efficient hospital solutions whilst developing to national standards for interoperability”.

Steve Reggione, Head of Operations at CMM:
“CMM congratulate TPP on implementing the interoperability interface and linking to our nationally acclaimed Pharmacy solution at Sussex Community NHS Trust. This is another great example of CMM working with leading NHS vendors in support of the national interoperable standards.”

The integration utilises the EPMA FHIR API standards published by NHSDigital. This forms part of the DAPB4013: Medicine and Allergy Intolerance Data Transfer Information standard. Ann Slee, Associate CCIO (Medicines) NHS England commented:
“This is a great example of how system suppliers are able to use the interoperable medicines standards to ensure the seamless flow of medicines information, and most importantly start to realise safety and efficiency gains for patients.”

Sussex Community NHS Trust are piloting this new capability at Uckfield Community Hospital with a view to rolling it out across all of their Integrated Care Units. Andrew Mikhail, Principal Pharmacist at Sussex Community NHS Trust writes This integration will bring great benefits to our patients in terms of safety and efficiency of the medicine supply process. As a community trust we have several intermediate care units which are geographically distant and served by one dispensary at a central location. To order medicines we had to transcribe prescriptions, email them together with a scanned copy of the paper drug chart to our dispensary before a certain cut off. The integration will be a great support tool for our staff on the intermediate care units as it will enable them to order medication through a safe, efficient and fully auditable system. With a few clicks on S1 EPMA, our staff will be able to send orders directly to the CMM system, meaning they get processed in our dispensary in a timely fashion to ensure that the right patient receives the right medicine at the right time.”