TPP granted full roll-out approval for the National Events Management Service (NEMS)

TPP granted full roll-out approval for the National Events Management Service (NEMS)

TPP is pleased to have received full rollout approval for the National Events Management Service (NEMS) FHIR API on SystmOne. The development stands to benefit users of SystmOne Child Health through clear and rapid access to vital information regarding the children in their care.

Pilot organisations for the implementation of NEMS on SystmOne have already been seeing the benefits of the new functionality. One of the organisations is Provide, who manage the Child Health Information Systems (CHIS) in Essex, East Anglia, Cambridgeshire and Dorset.

“An important part of our CHIS work is to hold a record for each child that is resident in or registered at a GP within our boundaries, this sets the foundation for the important role as failsafe for immunisation and screening,” says Christopher Wright, Assistant Director: IT and Systems at Provide.

This work has been assisted by the ability to subscribe to notifications for key events, such as births, changes of address or key tests, concerning any children in a specific area or at a specific GP practice. These notifications are received in near real-time, ensuring faster and more effective interventions.

Event messages sent to NEMS do not require the sender to know who requires the information, meaning that a provider, as long as they are subscribed, does not miss vital patient information. This reduces the chances of repeat tests or vaccinations being given and keeps services aware of any children who may have missed events, leading to safer and more informed care for children.

Provide have experienced these benefits first-hand – “Implementing NEMS has meant that we now find out about children moving in or out of our areas at the very earliest opportunity, we no longer need to wait for contact from another CHIS or 0-19 Service which in-turn allows us to alert 0-19 services to the movement and to ensure interventions have taken place and immunisations are scheduled at the earliest opportunity.”

Without effective systems in place, the potentially high number of notifications being received through NEMS could create substantial administrative work. That is why TPP has worked with Provide to ensure SystmOne automatically processes many NEMS messages, leaving staff with only the ones that require their attention and giving them more time to focus on care. For example, all normal bloodspot results received in SystmOne are fed directly into a child’s record while any abnormal results still require action.

“The implementation of NEMS into SystmOne CHIS has had a very positive impact on our service” added Wright, “it will help our ongoing work safeguarding the children whose records we hold.”

“It is great news that we have been granted full roll-out approval for NEMS,” says Rosa Murray, Account Manager at TPP. “We hope to see more child health providers on SystmOne utilising the new functionality to continue enhancing the provision of child health services around the country.”

If you are an existing Child Health service using SystmOne and would like to be enabled for NEMS please submit your request to