Integration Request

Integration Request

SystmOne GP

SystmOne is an accredited supplier under the Digital Care Services Framework. If you are a third party wishing to integrate with the SystmOne GP module, please follow the Digital Care Services IM1 Pairing Integration Process.

You will need to complete a Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) and subbmit this to NHS Digital’s IM1 Team for review and approval.

For GP Connect, the national FHIR-based interoperability programme, please find more information on NHS Digital’s website.

SystmOne – All modules

TPP has a number of interfaces that work across all care settings.

For other integration types utilising one of the below APIs, please follow the Integration Request Process.

TPP Integration API documents

Your Product

Benefit to users

Please provide details of any SystmOne users who have requested this integration. Please be aware that TPP may contact anyone listed below to discuss their support for this request.