SystmOne Resource Library

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SystmOne Resource Library

New functionality from TPP facilitates the sharing of user-configured content across SystmOne. This is available across 7000+ NHS organisations now for immediate use.

A growing number of organisations are recognising the advantages of SystmOne’s Resource Library. Rather than building SystmOne resources from scratch there’s an increasing likelihood that the resource you want to use has already been published for use on the Resource Library.

The new platform allows users to upload or download the following content types:

• Questionnaires
• Data Entry Templates
• Protocols
• Reports
• Views
• Word Letter Templates

Example resources available for download right now include;

– Macmillan Cancer Care Review Template 2018
– Patient Participation Survey Questionnaires
– Access to Online Services clinical report
– MSK Referral Letter
– Repeat Blood Test Recall Word Letter Template

SystmOne users are already enjoying substantial time saving benefits, as they no longer have to create and maintain clinical and administrative resources at a local level. TPP are hopeful that the Resource Library will continue to promote greater collaboration between NHS organisations and lead to the creation of the best possible clinical and administrative resources available.

Effectively an ‘App store’ for SystmOne content; organisations can publish their resources to the Resource Library, with supporting guidance. These resources can then be downloaded, reviewed and rated by any of the 7000+ organisations using SystmOne.

If a resource published to the Resource Library is updated, then those who have already downloaded the resource are notified and can opt to update the resource in line with the new changes. Organisations can now participate with each other, and share best practice. It also means that it’s now even easier to ensure the highest levels of data quality across organisations that subscribe to the resources published.

To access the Resource Library within SystmOne, navigate to System>Resource Library from the main menu bar.
For a short video explaining how this functionality can be used click here.