TPP Covid-19 update: release 16th April

TPP Covid-19 update: release 16th April

Building on the March release, TPP has continued to focus on making changes that will support our users on the unique challenge which Covid-19 has presented. We are in continual admiration of the work that is being done across health and social care and we feel a strong sense of obligation to support our frontline staff.

With all of this in mind, our software release of 17/04 is largely dedicated to system enhancements that will best equip our users with the current pandemic.
A number of these changes have been requested from NHS Digital/England/X directly and others are in response to our user base. We have also continued to develop Airmid, which has seen over 60,000 new users in the last couple of weeks.

The changes released today include;

• Creating coded pathology results from pre-defined textual strings in incoming pathology messages.
• Set up 25 new Covid-19 units specifically for ‘hot hubs’.

Rolled out Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS2) to over 300 organisations across non-GP care settings.
• Show recent prescriptions with EPS barcodes in Airmid so patients can pick up scripts without visiting the practice.
• Update to daily Covid-19 extracts to allow services who don’t prescribe oxygen on SystmOne to extract data about patients on O2.
• Uploaded the amended Covid-19 high risk codes and reports from NHS lists.
• Added a Patient Contact Tracing screen to show who patients have shared a specific location with.
• Performed an extra POMI extract for patients using online services at NHS Digital’s request.
• Redeployment of consent override functionality for use in specific circumstances linked to Covid-19.
• Ability to SMS patients links for video consultations and added text reminders for patients with video consultation appointment.
• Performance improvements for secondary care organisations using the in-patient overview and ward view screens.
• Released one-off pharmacy nominations functionality to not change patients’ preferred pharmacy settings.
• New release of NHS Pathways v19.3.7 for our call centre users.
• Supported a range of new research studies including Oxford RCGP RSC clinical trials, UK Biobank and PRIMIS FLU CAT.
• Worked on bulk upload of Summary Care Records across all GP practices, including additional coded information by default when NHS Digital approve rollout.
• Starting the rollout of Generic FHIR Receive Emergency Supply messages to GPs from the pharmacy systems, taking the workload of GP practices.
• New tool to allow changing of sharing consents by data controllers to facilitate data sharing for Covid-19 purposes.
• Changing the default option for certain medications on whether they should be personally administered or not.
• Launched AirmidCares to push out surveys to patients.

TPP will continue to do everything it can to support users and patients at this tough time. We will ensure that our work is focused on enabling care teams to be best placed to deal with the unique situation they are facing.