TPP supports Resuscitation Council UK’s ReSPECT forms

TPP supports Resuscitation Council UK’s ReSPECT forms

TPP is very pleased to be supporting Resuscitation Council UK’s (RCUK) Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment (ReSPECT) process. Following a conversation between a patient and clinician a ReSPECT form is used to record a summary of recommendations to help health and care professionals to make immediate decisions, in an emergency, about that person’s care and treatment.

This form is completed by the patient together with a healthcare professional and is then added to the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) so that it can be accessed in any medical setting. Resuscitation Council UK aims to improve patient and family involvement in decision-making in relation to their care and treatment, and this process is currently being adopted across the UK.

There are several ways in which TPP is making it easier for users to adopt the ReSPECT process. By including a standard ReSPECT form as one of the system-wide letter types, TPP has reduced the work-load of individual organisations therefore increasing the likelihood of users having ReSPECT conversations. TPP has also made it easier to see when a patient has had a ReSPECT conversation and has a ReSPECT form on their EHR by using a system-wide patient status alert linked to the SNOMED CT code “Has ReSPECT”.

Catherine Baldock, RCUK Clinical Lead for ReSPECT said: “It is really important for people to engage in conversations with their family and friends around the care and treatment they would or would not want to receive in an emergency situation. This is particularly important if they are unable to communicate their wishes during that emergency. Having these conversations and recording the information on a form is key and will assist clinicians in making decisions about a person’s care and treatment. Having a central system in which to record this information and make it accessible is essential.”

Due to the recent launch of the Airmid app, patients who have been given access to their record now have a convenient way to view documents recorded by the organisations that care for them. This means that patients are able to view their ReSPECT form via the app as soon as it has been completed.