TPP first to gain approval for national rollout of GP Connect – Access Record: Structured (Medication and Allergies Data)

TPP first to gain approval for national rollout of GP Connect – Access Record: Structured (Medication and Allergies Data)

As part of our ongoing work with NHS Digital on the GP Connect project, TPP is proud to be the first supplier to achieve a full national rollout for Access Record: Structured (Medication and Allergies Data). All NHS organisations currently using SystmOne in England will now benefit from this new interoperability capability.

Access Record: Structured, will allow for structured data to flow between organisations for the purposes of Direct Care. The first phase involves the transfer of structured medication and allergies data. This will support Medications Reconciliation, prescribing and decision making across care settings Primarily within Secondary Care and Shared Care Records at the time of writing.

The full rollout approval comes after the successful pilot of the project across over 150 organisations in England, who have already been benefitting from this advanced interoperability functionality. Clinicals teams could already access medication and allergies data through the “Access Record: HTML” programme, but this enhanced structured functionality allows for more seamless interoperability, embedded into clinical workflow.

Dr Chris Bates, Director of Research and Analytics at TPP, said “Transferring structured data about the drugs a patient is taking and any adverse reactions on their medical record is an important next step in the country’s drive towards truly integrated care. This data will make a significant difference to both safety and efficiency when working across care settings. For example, it will allow for much smarter medicines reconciliation workflow and accurate interaction-checking at the point of prescribing”.

With this national rollout contributing to NHS Digital’s continuing development of the GP Connect systems, Michelle McDermott, GP Connect Programme Manager, said “This is an important step in supporting the Joined Up Care programme and Shared Care Records in allowing information relating to a patient to be seamlessly collated and displayed to clinicians at the point of care”.

Having successfully worked with NHS Digital over the past few years on the GP Connect project, this new capability marks a significant milestone in the national goal for increased interoperability. Going forward, TPP hopes to enable further capabilities as part of “Access Record: Structured”, to continue to support greater joined up care.

“We are looking forward to approval for a lot more structured data items in the very near future, as more and more specifications come on-line and we move quickly through the assurance process”, added Dr Bates. “Today is a landmark moment and testament to the hard work by a lot of people, across many organisations, over the last few years.”