TPP receives assurance from NHS Digital for point of care vaccination solution

TPP receives assurance from NHS Digital for point of care vaccination solution

TPP has developed a point of care solution which allows users to directly record COVID-19 vaccinations into SystmOne. Building on TPP’s existing experience delivering point of care functionality for vaccinations across the NHS, this development will aid users in the mass roll out of COVID-19 vaccinations and support health services as they navigate through this stage of the pandemic response.

One of the key benefits offered by this new functionality is that it allows users to quickly and accurately record vaccinations directly into SystmOne. It combines familiar point of care tools, such as templates and questionnaires, with seamless access to all of SystmOne’s supporting functionality. This includes features like online appointment booking, appointment rotas, and clinical reporting. Complementing the vaccination recording process with these additional features allows for a smoother, more comprehensive experience for both users and patients.

Another central benefit of the new functionality is that users will be able to access a patient’s existing record if they are already registered on SystmOne, enabling them to retrieve and record pre-existing data without having to start the process from scratch.

For those patients who are not currently registered on SystmOne, users have access to PDS and GP Connect functionality, meaning a patient’s demographics can be easily retrieved from other systems, further speeding up the registration process.

If a patient is already registered on SystmOne, all data from the process is recorded directly into their existing electronic health record, rather than just the basic vaccination details. This ensures their contact with health services in the future is well-informed.

This development has been fully assured by NHS Digital and meets all of the point of care standards outlined by the organisation. The functionality is also frequently updated to meet these evolving standards to ensure it is consistently at the cutting edge of quality and clinical safety.

This new functionality is currently being piloted in one Primary Care Network and will be made available to all vaccination clinics using SystmOne in the coming weeks.

Dr John Parry, Clinical Director at TPP, said: “We are pleased to offer this new solution to assist in the delivery of the UK’s large-scale vaccination roll out and we aim to continue developing tools to support clinicians with their ongoing working during the pandemic”.

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