Step Four

Step Four: Profile pictures


Finding the staff member

Log into SystmOne and make sure you have the ‘System Administrator’ access right.

Navigate to Setup > Users & Policy > Staff & Organisation setup.

Select the relevant staff member and choose ‘Amend Staff’.


Selecting a picture

Now click on the ‘Additional details’ tab.

Click on the folder icon next to ‘Staff image’ and then search your PC to find a suitable picture.


On Airmid

Now when a patient is searching for an appointment to book or are reviewing their booked appointments, the picture of the clinician they are booked to see will display alongside the appointment details.


Tips on picking a good photo

  • Make sure your face isn’t covered and is in the centre of the image
  • Avoid pictures with cluttered backgrounds
  • Avoid using photos with other people in shot
  • Smile!