Order Comms

Order Comms

Requesting laboratory procedures and processing the results can be a significant administrative burden. SystmOne Order Comms makes it a quick and simple process, allowing clinicians to make order requests and view results directly from the EPR. With inbuilt smart protocols to identify whether specific tests are relevant to a patient or whether the test has been done recently, Order Comms helps clinicians avoid inappropriate or repeat tests. The consolidation of requesting and results facilitates more effective decision support than has previously been achievable when using traditional Order Comms systems that can only display previous requests and results to the organisations that requested them.

Order Management

  • Configure order tests and link them to read codes or numeric readings
  • Configure order items that contain a selection of order tests, link to containers, and trigger protocols
  • Restrict ordering permissions based on staff roles
  • Set internal and external order providers
  • Order Request Overview screen to see all order requests, filtering by patient, status, urgency, staff member, etc.

Real Time & Historical Results

  • Graph result trends based on structured data from multiple services
  • Real-time inbox to process incoming messages while viewing historical results, giving an at-a-glance overview of trends or anomalies


  • Integrated with PACS, LIS/RIS systems for seamlessly continued workflows
  • Embedded integration with ICE to view and file results

Decision Support

  • Alerts for abnormal results
  • Patient-specific recommendations and smart protocols
  • Configurable designs for staff to easily order tests from screens relevant to their specific job role
  • View previous results to reduce duplicate testing