Emergency Department

Emergency Department / Urgent Treatment Centre

In the fast-paced environments of Emergency Departments and Urgent Treatment Centres, staff need rapid access to both individual patient information and wider department views, monitoring individual statuses as well as potential bottlenecks. SystmOne ED/UTC gives staff the tools to do all this and more, comprehensively managing a department through effective triage, consultation and safeguarding.


  • Access a patient’s full SystmOne record or their GP record through GP Connect
  • Configure number of appointments available through 111 appointment booking
  • Receive cases electronically from other services via ITK CDA documents


  • Increase registration speed through access to Patient Demographic Service on NHS Spine
  • Instantly be alerted if a patient is on the Child Protection Register (CPIS)
  • Patient alerts for safe haven or palliative patients
  • Utilise Manchester triage templates or easily create custom templates to standardise workflows

Patient Flow

  • Record expected outcomes to effectively plan resources and filter patients
  • Monitor patient flow across a department through Smartboard, geographical layout and dashboards providing at-a-glance analysis
  • Clinical development kit:
    • enable the digitisation of assessments or forms
    • create custom protocols to support clinician decisions and administration
  • Electronic Prescribing and Administration Systems (EPMA) functionality


  • Book patients directly into GP practices, stream to co-located services or send bed requests to wards, automatically notifying a patient’s GP of their status.
  • Create and send electronic discharge letters with full mail merge support


  • Reporting tool to supporting building custom reports
  • Patient-facing dashboards including expected waiting times
  • Service-specific data extract, plus Sitrep reporting and ECDS extraction