Speech Recognition Solution

TPP have worked with Nuance Communications to better integrate their Dragon Medical One product with SystmOne. The software enables clinicians to record more complete, accurate, and timely notes within SystmOne – improving patient care and increasing staff satisfaction.

Dragon Medical One is a Cloud-based, UK GDPR-compliant speech recognition solution. Dragon Medical One is simple to install and always up to date with dynamic dictionaries; meaning new medical terminology and drug names are added automatically.

Using Dragon Medical One in conjunction with SystmOne means users are able to use their voice to capture free-text narrative directly into the system wherever they see a flashing cursor. Additionally, users are able to navigate the SystmOne application using their voice, by using voice commands such as “New Task”.

Kay Imbirski, Community Nurse team leader:

“I have found using Dragon Medical One with SystmOne extremely helpful, I find my notes are much more detailed and I write so much more. It is saving me time every day and I am now reducing the amount of time I spend in my own time catching up on my documentation.”

Emma Staples, District Nurse student:

“I have found the Dragon Medical One software extremely easy and helpful to use. I found that my notes have much more detail and more accuracy when documenting. This also reduces the time I spend doing my SystmOne notes. I also use the software to help support me with writing essays due to currently doing my district nurse specialist training. It is easy to use and navigate, and I used Dragon Medical One to write this feedback. I found it really helpful and glad PROVIDE has introduced this.”

Ben Lawman (Analysis and Design Lead at TPP):

“I think our users are going to be really impressed with how seamless the experience is when using Dragon Medical One alongside SystmOne. The ability to navigate the system and launch our recently developed ‘Visualisations’ is a personal highlight.”

Webinar|Speech-enabling SystmOne with Dragon Medical One