TPP Webinar

The TPP Hospital Webinar Series: Showcasing the modern EPR

TPP’s next-generation hospital EPR product, SystmOne Hospital, has recently been completed. The system has already been selected as the preferred option by NHS and international hospital providers following detailed assessments by clinical, operational and administrative teams.

SystmOne Hospital is a comprehensive yet cost effective software solution developed with the NHS. It comprises an extensive set of modules, available either through desktop or mobile devices, which can be implemented separately or together to suit the needs of individual organisations. Whether you need to implement a fully connected enterprise-wide system, deploy an EPR for the first time, or replace an old departmental system, SystmOne Hospital can enable you to achieve fast-paced transformation.

SystmOne Hospital delivers improved staff experience and enhanced patient safety, promotes patient engagement, and facilitates better data utilisation.

TPP’s Hospital Webinar Series showcases how our modern EPR can enable NHS Trusts to meet their frontline digitisation aspirations now.

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