Charlotte Knowles

Charlotte Knowles

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Charlotte is responsible for the day to day running of the company and overseeing the activity of all teams, from product development to system deployment. Her interests lie in promoting TPP’s unique company culture and ensuring that, as the company expands, we retain our original values and enthusiasm. Charlotte is also passionate about maintaining high staff morale and was vital in establishing the company’s early training and development courses. As a natural problem solver, Charlotte is often the go-to person in the company for invaluable help and advice.

After graduating from the University of Leeds with both a master’s degree in Mathematics and another in IT, Charlotte worked in the education IT industry before joining TPP in 2001. Beginning her career as a software developer, she has since led a wide variety of projects including the establishment of our deployment process and she was instrumental in our early contracts with Accenture and CSC. Charlotte became a director in 2003 and has since played a key role in deciding company strategy and streamlining internal processes.

Charlotte often represents the company at meetings, events and trade missions both in the UK and abroad.

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