Step Ten

Step Ten: Medical record access


Finding the preference

Log into SystmOne and make sure you have ‘System Administrator’ access right.

Navigate to Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences>Online services> Patient Record Access.


Setting the preferences

You can set what level of record access your patients can view and from what date.

N.B. these preferences work in conjunction with the patient level record access preferences you can set in an individual patient record via the ‘Online Services’ node.


On Airmid

Your patient will now be able to view their medical record in line with the permissions you have set. If the patient accesses multiple services using Airmid then the patient will see detail they have added themselves along with detail added at your service and others (like the SystmOne Journal).

In SystmOne you are able to mark individual journal entries as private (so they won’t be viewable in Airmid). You can also filter the journal to view data visible to online services.



Within the Medical Record section of Airmid, patients can choose to view

  • A Summary
  • The full record
  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Documents
  • Vaccinations
  • Lab Results
  • Summary Care Record