Bed Management

Bed Management

Circumstances in hospitals change rapidly so the ability to optimise patient capacity and ensure the highest quality of care is vital. SystmOne allows the efficient tracking of patient needs and their flow around hospital. Real time data improves safety, care coordination, efficiency and performance, as this is accessible by both clinical care staff and hospital administrators.

Capacity Management

  • Quick glance views of all activity across your hospital or in specific departments
  • Plan for incoming admissions with advanced patient tracking functionality
  • Prioritise admissions based on RTT targets
  • Manage all discharge delays from one place by patient or department
  • Push and pull patients between hospital wards and from A&E

Shared Care

  • View a patient’s entire medical history with their EHR, including allergies and sensitivities
  • Be alerted to patient groups, including violent patients, and safeguarding issues
  • Automatically send information to any other SystmOne service caring for a patient


  • Display significant activities, e.g. bed capacity, on a dashboard
  • Set high and low limits for each target based on local requirements
  • Receive alerts when a target is close to breaching

Patient Flow

  • Monitor patients with a clinical alert, including DNR
  • Customise a view to display significant information, including discharge status
  • Receive notifications when pathology results are ready to view
  • Configure and hide patient details to display in public locations, e.g. on a whiteboard

Innovative Reporting

  • Real-time access to bed states across the hospital
  • Create your own reports to identify trends, e.g. admission patterns
  • Manage bed capacity using built-in reports, including the Bed Availability (KH03) report
  • Historically track the movement of patients, including the Transferred Patients report
  • View significant information in real time, e.g. outliers and discharge delays

Data Entry

  • Complete data entry templates and automatically add them to the patient record
  • Quickly add information to patient records from one simple overview screen
  • View the to-do list of a team, patient, or consultant to enable effective resource management
  • Check achievement of patient milestones set by the hospital

Plan Resources

  • Create unique patient pathways to efficiently plan attendance
  • Configure generic or specific patient pathways to manage patient flows across departments
  • Instantly predict resource availability and identify bottlenecks, e.g. bed availability
  • Schedule resources across the hospital with one click