Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Palliative Care is one of the most sensitive clinical settings, and it is vital that healthcare professionals are equipped to deliver the highest standard of dignified, supportive care as a patient nears the end of their life. This SystmOne Module is now deployed to over eighty palliative hospital and care units around the UK, with each unit able to tailor SystmOne to suit their organisation’s needs.

Ward View

  • See a graphical representation of your organisation
  • Build, configure and amend individual locations and different sub locations e.g. wards and bays, or stock locations
  • Add beds and bed attributes
  • Quick overview of the patient and any observations which are due/warnings to be acknowledged
  • Access the patient record and complete key templates
  • Add additional assessments or ‘to do’ items to patients via quick actions

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

  • If using primary care prescribing, EPS is available
  • Send a patient’s medications or appliances via EPS in same way as GPs
  • Patients’ scripts arrive at a nomination instantly after digital signature, increasing time efficiencies
  • If a unit wishes to use secondary care prescribing, SystmOne’s EPMA functionality can be enabled, though these medications can’t be sent via EPS


  • Immediate access to vital data or data entry templates
  • Real-time updating
  • Built and updated locally, cutting down on wasted time navigating the EMR
  • Assists time-pressured team meetings, allowing staff to cover all necessary information

Discharge Workflows

  • Manage and add steps towards patient discharge
  • Link in data entry templates and questionnaires
  • Ensure appropriate forms or coding can be added at the required stage
  • Build different workflows dependent on ward
  • Upon completion of steps, discharge document is sent via the appropriate method (printout, via task, mesh messaging)

Referral Allocation

  • No need to use caseloads to manage workload, limited by patient sitting in one caseload per referral
  • Multiple teams can work from one referral, negating need for multiple referrals and admin
  • Allocate referrals to a team or staff
  • Create individual work lists by allocating to an individual within a team

Joined-Up Care

  • Multi-disciplinary teams united under one system, helping them to deliver joined-up, personalised care
  • Create and share joined-up care plans across the organisation
  • Simple recording of a patient’s end-of-life preferences, ensuring dignity and comfort
  • Sophisticated patient administration functionality allowing staff to focus on providing the care patients need