Using the SystmOne eObs app on an iOS or Android device, hospital staff can create and access template observation forms (such as the NEWS2 checklist) and record each patient’s vital signs electronically from the bedside. SystmOne eObs then automatically calculates and charts the patient’s observation score, creating a clear and precise view of their progression over time. Of course, as eObs is part of SystmOne, patients’ observation histories are stored centrally in their EHR. Therefore, this information is easily accessible to other healthcare staff, not only in the same hospital, but across the NHS. Digitisation of the complete flow from observation recording to the management of escalations reduces errors and cuts the response time of interventions for deteriorating patients.

Standard and Custom Forms

  • Access suitable e-Obs for different patient needs, including:
    • NEWS2
    • MEOWS
    • PAWS
    • NEWT
    • GCS
    • Comfort Obs
  • Easily create custom observations with drag-and-drop form building

Shared Care

  • Information is stored centrally and can be accessed by staff who need it, any time, anywhere
  • e-Obs records can be viewed by all staff involved in a patient’s care
  • Automatically charts vital signs so that patient progression can be quickly determined
  • Clinical Decision Support can be locally configured to prompt clinicians based on information entered into e-Obs

Automatic Scheduling

  • Patients are automatically scheduled for e-Obs as soon as they are admitted onto the ward, reducing administrative tasks
  • Easily view when each patient is due their next observation
  • Receive reminders when patients are overdue an observation

Increase Efficiency

  • Automatic score calculation saves time and eliminates human error
  • e-Obs can be used to send escalations to other staff members
  • Eliminate the need to visit a patient to view their e-Obs scores
  • Reduces the need for unnecessary duplicate tests as scores are stored centrally