A high-quality maternity ward relies upon an integrated IT solution to optimise and streamline workflows, increase efficiency and improve maternal care. Our maternity module facilitates appointment management and patient monitoring – from first contact through postpartum support – providing consistent and integrated care for the duration of the pregnancy. SystmOne’s maternity module includes a number of specialist capabilities to support clinicians in effectively managing the maternity ward and providing the highest possible level of care.


  • Access to a snapshot view of the full pregnancy
  • Graphical overview of patient’s position in relation to previous and planned contacts
  • CHS support
  • Calculators for term (LMP or dating scan)

Appointment Management

  • Book necessary scans and additional appointments all from the same place
  • Reduces administrative time and speeds up the delivery of care

Care Plans

  • Manage specific care plans for different stages of pregnancy
  • Ensure plans are tailored to meet discrete requirements at each stage
  • Manage staff responsibilities throughout the plan

Consistent Care

  • Facilitate consistency in care staff across the entire pregnancy
  • Maternity Activity Timeline allows clinicians to track all previous contact each patient has had with the service


  • Record observations electronically via a mobile app
  • Ready-to-use MEOWS and NEWTT observations
  • Observations recorded directly into mother’s EHR


  • Use core SystmOne reporting tools to fulfill maternity-specific reporting requirements
  • Tailor reporting to any local data requirements