Theatres are in a prime position to benefit from the efficiencies SystmOne provides whether in the elective, acute or trauma setting. SystmOne Theatres facilitates streamlined clinical practice, enabling clinicians to focus on providing the best possible care for their patients. Comprehensive resource management enables theatre staff to easily track instruments and equipment, which speeds up counting in and out. Administratively, SystmOne provides comprehensive theatre scheduling which allows for the effective use of available theatre time, as well as the ability to ensure that all necessary pre- and post-operative assessments have been carried out. SystmOne Theatres supports users to improve efficiency and deliver massive cost and outcome benefits.

Theatre Management

  • Simple scheduling functionality
  • Pre-operation assessments using structured data from EHR
  • VTE risk assessments
  • Procedure equipment and procedure time templates
  • OPCS coding of intended and completed procedures
  • NEWS2 calculations
  • Pre-Operation, WHO Surgical Safety, and Surgical Ward Asmission checklists

Post-Operation Management

  • Manage patient care across all settings seamlessly using EHRs
  • View intra-operative surgery event records
  • Straightforward onward referrals and follow-up appointment booking


  • Report on cancelled sessions for rebooking
  • Extract tables of theatre data
  • Theatre utilisation reporting
  • Visualisations for Day Case Pathway and Anaesthetic Record