Airmid in Primary Care

Airmid in Primary Care

As SystmOne is used by upwards of 2,700 GP Practices, millions of people across the UK have the opportunity to take control of their healthcare through the Airmid app. Patients can access their full electronic health record, updating data and recording their activity. The app breaks down patient-clinician barriers through in-app bidirectional messaging, reducing the reliance on face-to-face appointments and saving time for patients and clinicians. Patients can also book or amend appointments, pre-defined by medical staff, and the app sends a reminder pre-appointment, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments.

Listed below are key Airmid capabilities which can support primary care users. For a full range of capabilities, visit our Airmid page.

Homepage Overview

  • Customisable shortcut options so patients can prioritise functions that they require
  • Immediately updates patients with opening hours, cancellations, and changes to your service
  • Clearly indicates a patient’s next appointment, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments
Image of phone screen showing the Airmid Homepage


  • Quickly and easily send notifications to all service users
  • Keeps patients up-to-date with opening hours, cancellations, and changes to your service
Image of phone showing the Airmid Notifications screen


  • Allows direct messaging between clinician and patient
  • Patients can get in touch with a specific clinician or a whole team (e.g. a specific department)
  • Reduces the need for face-to-face contact
Image of phone screen showing the Airmid Direct Messaging screen

Medication Requests

  • Allow patients to request medication electronically
  • Medication can be collected directly from a nominated pharmacy
  • Patients can add custom notes to medication requests
Image showing the Airmid Medication Requests screen

Patient-Completed Content

  • Send virtual requests for patients to complete surveys and questionnaires through the app
  • Allow patients to take the same survey repeatedly to track symptoms
  • Ask patients to complete post-appointment satisfaction surveys from home
Image showing an Airmid Questionnaire screen