Mobile Working

Mobile Working

TPP’s mobile working solution for Windows allows clinicians to access the data they need, wherever they are. Consistent access to full SystmOne functionality makes working more efficient through standardised and centralised workflows, ensuring information is directly entered into SystmOne first-time. Staff making home visits, particularly in areas with poor internet connectivity, benefit from uninterrupted access to patient data, while those making ward rounds or checking in on their care home residents can directly input data as they move around.

Online and Offline Working

  • Staff can use SystmOne with or without an internet connection
  • Save caseloads or patient lists to device for consistent record access
  • Add to or edit information such as events within SystmOne, even when offline
  • Any new data is automatically fed back into full SystmOne once internet reconnects

Equal Functionality

  • Provides same functionality as staff would experience on standard versions of SystmOne
  • Avoids limited, stripped-down tools which hinder clinicians
  • Saves staff time and allows for equally efficient work at base and on the move

Availability Across Modules

  • GP / Clinic
  • Community Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Palliative Care