Care Home

Care Home

TPP offers the SystmOne Care Home solution licence fee free to all care homes in the UK when procured by way of direct contract. The module, developed for specific use within the care home environment, allows for easy communication with health service providers in their area as well as allowing care homes to effectively manage residents and their information. After a care home goes live with SystmOne, they can register all residents for care at their own SystmOne unit, connecting up patient records with other care providers in the area.

Care homes can access the module in multiple different ways: via SystmOne Mobile Working, which gives staff access to SystmOne over a normal internet connection, though some functionality is not included or through Full SystmOne which can be accessed via an HSCN connection or Internet SystmOne.

Shared Care

  • Seamlessly communicate electronically with other healthcare providers, sharing information such as tasks and care plans
  • View and add to a resident’s full electronic patient record (EPR), populated with information from other care providers in the area
  • Use the shared record to perform a rapid pre-admission assessment

Care Plans

  • Tailor a care plan to a specific individual and apply it to any aspect of their care
  • Create templates that can be easily amended and shared with all clinicians in your organisation
  • Share care plans within your organisation and across care providers

Medication Management

  • If using primary care prescribing, send a patient’s medications or appliances via EPS in same way as GPs
  • Patients’ scripts arrive at a nomination instantly after digital signature, increasing time efficiencies
  • If you have access to the full SystmOne Care Home module, you can use secondary care prescribing through SystmOne’s EPMA or structured medicines functionality

Visualisations (only available on Full SystmOne)

  • Immediate access to vital data or data entry templates
  • Real-time updating
  • Can be built and updated locally, cutting down on wasted time navigating the EMR
  • Assists time-pressured team meetings, allowing staff to cover all necessary information

Bed Management (only available on Full SystmOne)

  • Configure bed view to keep track of admissions and discharges
  • Manage capacity
  • Access the EPR and complete key templates
  • Add additional assessments or ‘to do’ items to individuals via quick actions
  • If at a local level, bed state is monitored to determine capacity and flow, this functionality will allow care homes to be included in the view of bed capacity across a region