Community Care

Community Care

SystmOne Community Care is configurable to allow connected care with virtually any community health setting through a shared electronic health record. With tailored care plans and patient directed goals, care is centred around individuals regardless of the size or structure of the service. This module is designed to support efficient and adaptable care to suit the varied requirements of the community and its staff.


  • Uses an algorithm to schedules staff visits to match the requirements of patients
  • Accounts for factors such as patient location, priority of care plan and staff case load
  • Allows for more efficient use of clinical and administrative time
  • Available for Community, GP, Palliative, and Social Care

Care Plans

  • Tailor a care plan to a specific individual and apply it to any aspect of patient care
  • Create templates that can be easily amended and shared with all clinicians in your organisation

Electronic Prescribing (EPS)

  • Allows prescribing team members to send patients medication via EPS as GPs do
  • Increases efficiency as patient’s scripts can arrive at nomination instantly after being digitally signed
  • Broadens the capabilities of community staff

Referral Allocation

  • Tool which allows multiple teams to work from one referral
  • Negates the need for multiple referrals and reduces administrative time
  • Referral allocations can be made to both a team of staff and an individual, creating individual work lists

Advanced Reporting

  • Report on detailed data such as referral reasons and waiting times
  • Run reports for each discipline, team or caseload holder in order to spot trends
  • Use specialised Community reports to allow for reporting on Körner statistics and MDS extracts.
  • Capture and extract all data mandatory for CIDS
  • Visit our Advanced Reporting page for more information

Mobile Working

  • SystmOne’s mobile working solution geared towards connected and non-connected working
  • Allows staff use of all template tools they would have access to if using SystmOne desktop
  • To find out more, please visit our Mobile Working page


  • Community module has several extracts built in to enable referral data reporting
  • Built directly into SystmOne as new national extracts are required
  • Auditing capabilities to show who ran the extract and where it was downloaded