Out of Hours

Out of Hours

SystmOne Out of Hours helps services provide truly integrated urgent care. The module includes functionality to both enhance the vital clinical assistance within the service and increase efficiencies when streaming patients into other services. Staying on top of trends, accessing patient information and receiving or referring cases, SystmOne gives providers the tools they need to unify their service and provide safe and responsible care, whenever and wherever a patient may require it.

Shared Care

  • Receive cases electronically from other urgent care centres, including NHS 111
  • Automatically notify a patient’s GP via NHS mail, DTS message, or to SystmOne surgeries via SystmOne tasks
  • Easily stream patients into other services

Patient Information

  • Instantly be alerted to safe haven, palliative, potentially violent patients, frequent callers or any patient who has been treated at another SystmOne service in the last 96 hours.
  • Gain instant access to the full SystmOne patient record, with patient consent
  • Automatically check drug interactions and sensitivities when prescribing

Standardise Processes

  • Create and share organisation-specific protocols for decision support
  • Standardise data entry, reducing administrative errors and improving reporting
  • Triage support through pre-made and customisable triage templates.


  • Monitor specific departments and view a variety of efficiency statistics
  • Run specific urgent care reports
  • Customise reports to monitor patient trends