Call Centre (111)

Call Centre

TPP’s 111 Call Centre module provides all the functionality to run an efficient 111 service. Call centres need the functionality to manage their role as first point of contact for patients: electronic referrals and transfers of patient information to a range of care providers, as well as easy-to-navigate systems to help staff efficiently triage patients into the appropriate care pathways. SystmOne Call Centre provides the functionality to effectively manage these environments as they become increasingly integral parts of the urgent care landscape.

Patient Alerts

  • Quickly identify frequent callers and patients with special notes such as safe haven, palliative, or potentially violent patients
  • See alerts for any patients who have been treated at any other SystmOne urgent care service or who have attended any 111 service in the last 96 hours
  • Use the repeat caller database to identify patients who have contacted any 111 service in the last 96 hours

Referrals & Streaming

  • Instantly send an ambulance dispatch message to any 111-compliant ambulance service
  • Send electronic referrals to other services, with full referral details included in either the patient’s full SystmOne record or through ITK CDA
  • Directly book patients into services using Care Connect FHIR messaging
  • Access to the Directory of Services to find appropriate onward care providers

Telephone Assessment

  • Utilise NHS Pathways for triage support
  • Arrange consultation with a clinician through clinical decision support to complete episode on the phone
  • Issue prescriptions through the Electronic Prescription Service


  • Monitor specific departments and view a variety of efficiency statistics
  • Run specific urgent care reports, including 111 national submissions
  • Monitor patients with special notes within a GP practice or across a whole area
  • Customise reports to monitor patient trends