Urgent Treatment Centre

Urgent Treatment Centre

With an emphasis on access to services, SystmOne Urgent Treatment Centre provides functionality that helps manage patient flow, be they walk-ins or bookings via NHS 111, with accuracy and efficiency, leading to smooth transfer of care both into and out of the UTC. Within the UTC itself, SystmOne offers a range of functionality to suit the multi-faceted nature of centres as a key part of the Integrated Urgent Care Clinical Assessment Service.

Shared Care

  • Automatically notify a patient’s GP via NHS mail, DTS message, or via SystmOne tasks to SystmOne surgeries
  • Receive cases and electronically from other urgent care centres, including NHS 111
  • Accredited to receive ITK CDA from 111 services and CPIS alert information, providing staff with access to key information from external services
  • Enable appointment booking through FHIR messaging and configure the number of available appointments to manage demand
  • Support for streaming between co-located services
  • Prevent an OOH report being sent to the patient’s GP practice on patient request


  • Increase efficiency with no-code development toolkit to support digitisation of all assessments and forms
  • Predefined triage templates for common scenarios
  • To-do list functionality
  • Increase registration speed with Spine connectivity
  • Use Protocols for decision support
  • Create electronic discharge letters with full mail merge support

Patient Information

  • Gain instant access to the full SystmOne patient record, with patient consent, or the GP record through GP Connect
  • Automatically check drug interactions and sensitivities when prescribing
  • Instantly be alerted to safe haven, palliative, or potentially violent patients
  • Quickly identify frequent callers and patients with special notes
  • See alerts for any patients who have been treated at any other SystmOne urgent care service in the last 96 hours
  • Instant alert if patient is on the Child Protection Register

Patient Flow

  • Track attendance with advanced filtering
  • Record expected outcome to effectively plan resources
  • Patient-facing dashboards including expected waiting times
  • Full EPS functionality
  • Book patients directly into GP practices or other care settings upon discharge or quickly admit to other external settings


  • Full UTC audit included in the EHR
  • No-code reporting tool to supporting building custom reports
  • UTC data extract
  • Sitrep reporting
  • ECDS extraction