Interoperability updates for Covid-19

Interoperability updates for Covid-19

TPP has implemented two substantial interoperability changes that will make a significant difference to a number of organisations in dealing with the Covid-19 situation. These changes, which are for the GP Connect programme and an upload of Summary Care Record (SCR) Additional Information (AI), will ensure that clinicians have a greater understanding of a patient’s previous medical history.


TPP has made a change to include any Covid-19 code (as defined by the revised SCR inclusion dataset) within the Active Problems and Issues section of the Summary view. The change to the Active Problems and Issues section in the Summary view will list all problems first, including any related to Covid-19, followed by any Covid-19 coded items not recorded as a problem. Covid-19 details will remain in other views according to existing functionality.

The Problems and Issues view is unaffected by the change to the Summary view, and so may not match the Summary view with regards to inclusion of Covid-19 related items. NHS Digital and TPP believe by including Covid-19 coded items in the Summary view it will make it easier to identify Covid-19 information on the GP medical record and support better care of the patient.

GP Connect HTML View functionality is now enabled for every TPP practice. It is also possible for any practice to enable GP Connect Appointment functionality themselves.

No change is required by consumer systems to support this change. The only system it is being implemented in is TPP SystmOne at this time.

Summary Care Record Additional Information (SCR-AI)

TPP will be updating approximately 20 million Summary Care Records (SCR) with the Additional Information (AI) component. This rollout has started happening and will continue over the next two weeks.

The Additional Information (AI) includes:
• Details of the management of long-term conditions
• Medications
• Immunisations
• Care Plan information
• Significant medical history, past and present.

Under the Notice issued under Regulation 3(4) of the Health Service Control of Patient Information Regulations 2002 (the COPI notice) requiring confidential patient information to be shared, this Additional Information will now automatically be included in all patient SCRs unless a patient has expressed a preference not to include it.

Further information can be found on the NHSX website.